The possibility of agreeing to the prohibition by the Community of Owners required the unanimity of the owners until March 2019, but after the modification of the law introduced by Royal Decree-Law 7/2019 of 1 March this prohibition requires the favorable vote of 3/5 of the owners who represent 3/5 of the percentage of participation. The agreement could also include an increase of the community fee by up to 20% for owners who are doing short-term rentals.

The agreement of the Board of Owners that prohibits vacation rentals has no retroactive effect and will only bind owners who want to use start using their home for such activities after the agreement is made. Therefore owners who were already renting their apartments with a tourist license, can still do it. This prohibition must also be registered in the Public Land Registry in order to bind new owners with the agreement. Therefore, if the agreement is not registered at the time of the property purchase, it does not apply to new owners.

The owners who were not present at the community meeting must communicate their opposition to the agreement within a month, otherwise their vote will count as positive.