Allows people who have invested more than 500k euros in real estate to obtain a residence in Spain together with their family. This is a very flexible option as it does not require effective permanence in Spain and also includes work permit.




To invest more than 500,000 euros in real estate in Spain and to have a health insurance policy contracted with an entity authorized to operate in Spain.


20 working days from the moment the assets have been acquired.



The residence is granted initially for 3 years and the renewal is for 5 years.


The spouse and the minor and adult children “who are economically depended on the investor” can request the residency.


No permanence in Spain is required. The investor’s residency does not oblige to stay in Spain more than the time necessary to obtain your foreigner’s identity card (TIE).


Authorizes the applicant and all family members of working age to work.

How to transfer funds for the purchase of my property?

Iranian citizens have the right to invest in Spain just like any other citizen from outside the European Union.
You only need a valid passport, a NIE or foreigner’s identification number and proof of the origin of the funds.
However, the fact that Iran has been excluded from the SWIFT system makes it impossible to transfer funds from Iran to the rest of the world.
In “Your visa Spain” we are specialists in providing legal assistance to Iranian clients. We work together with different Spanish organizations to establish secure procedures to help Iranian clients transfer their funds from Iran.

Process of buying your property in Spain

Choosing a property.

At Your Visa Spain we will recommend a real estate agent to help you with the search. We work with all cities in Spain, mainly Barcelona, Malaga or Madrid.

Make the reservation.

Normally an initial reservation contract is signed and a deposit is paid which may vary from 5000€ to 20.000€ depending on the value of the property. This reservation prevents the property from being kept on the market, normally for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Checking the legal situation of the property

This must be done to make sure it is free of debts and in compliance with the urbanistic requirements.
The reservation deposit will be returned in case there was any problems with the property.

Preparation of the private contract.

If everything is correct, a contract is signed with a payment that can vary from 10% to 30% of the price, to guarantee the future purchase.

Signature of the public deed and delivery of the property.

This is the last phase of the process.
Normally it is carried out two months after the signing of the private contract although this period can be shorter or longer depending on the client’s request.
Payment of taxes and registration of the property in the public registry.

Expenses of the purchase:

Taxes are to be added to the price of the property and can vary from 6% to 10% depending on the area of Spain where the property is purchased. For example this tax is 6% in Madrid , 10% in Barcelona and 7% in Malaga. In addition is necessary to take into account the lawyer’s fees and the notary and land registry fees, which can be approximately 2% of the purchase value.

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