Spain and especially the Costa del Sol in Malaga is an exceptional place for real estate investment.
What are the reasons for this?
1.-The climate and the quality of life. Spain has become the place where everyone wants to have their second home. From Northern European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, France and Germany to North America and Asia.
Malaga airport alone receives almost 20 million travelers every year.

2.- Security. Spain is a safe and welcoming country.

3.- Vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb and booking have allowed individuals to access the vacation rental business. There are also vacation rental companies that manage the properties and maintain them. So the real estate investment is very safe because you have someone who takes care of it and gives you important benefits through rentals.

4.- Increasing market prices. The real estate market in Spain, especially in the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona and in the tourist areas like Malaga, Marbella or the Balearic Islands is constantly increasing, so the prices of the properties rise constantly and your investment is revalued.